Friday, January 25, 2008

2nd Gift of Life

God has given me a second miracle in my life which is due at the end of July this year. I did not expect to come so soon but His timing is always great. You see, we prayed for our second one when I was pregnant with Arielle and He is indeed gracious to grant us the answer so soon. Maybe God is telling us “it does not take long to get prayers answered, you know”. I remember during my Uni days in Australia, a very good friend of mine told me that I should start praying for my life partner. I was about twenty then and only got married thirteen years later!

At this stage I am about 14 weeks and have put on 4kg. I just keep feeling hungry. It’s like a vicious cycle. Hungry hungry hungry, eat eat eat, after that feel like spewing. But we are really excited and up for a challenge of taking care of two young kids while working and without a maid. Thank God that He has provided us with a great babysitter who can be totally trusted and what is most important trust in God and can speak English.

We pray that the baby will be a healthy, normal baby whether a gal or a boy boy. Thank you Lord for this miracle!