Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Firsts

I have never had any nose bleeds before but during this pregnancy so far, I have had 4 nose bleeds..and I was not rubbing that hard as I normally do. I do have an itchy nose on and off and I do rub really hard usually to settle the itchiness once and for all but these few times I don't think I rubbed that hard. Three times while brushing my teeth and the 4th this morning as I was about to go to work. The bleeds don't last long...after blowing a few times and wiping off, they just stop. But my thoughts do go I have cancer of the nose...what will happen to my kids especially my Arielle who is so attached to me....then I feel kind of sad. Jon has asked me to see the Doc but I don't think I want to in case its serious. Just want to have my baby first and then see how. I searched the net and noted that some pregnant women do get nose bleeds very often due to the increased blood flow in their bodies. So I will just put it down to that although this is the first such experience. Will maybe highlight to my gynae this week when I see him.

Another first is a bad flu and cough. I have never really have it bad and never really seen a dr. for a few days of running nose and cough but the last 3 weeks..I have had a bad flu, went to see my GP, took some medication, forgot to inform my gynae during the last visit and down with a bad cough and phelgm now. Took the med given by my GP last time as I did not complete the course in case it affects my babe even though I was told its pregnancy safe. Oh well ...I just pray my babe is alright.

Wanna just have my baby safe and sound, healthy and normal, and it's a long way to go....2 more mths!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jie Jie

Arielle is becoming a great jie jie. Can really see that she is protective over Aaron and loves him so. When someone wants to carry him away, she will start to cry. She gets upset when he does not sit in his chair strapped with the seatbelt. When he climbs out, she scolds him. When I get panicky during the journey with Aaron loose, she will scream and ask me to "leave him, leave him" cos I will be pulling him to hold him in place. When I scold him for disturbing jie jie, at times she will say "never mind, leave him". She must have ti ti at home at night. Cannot leave him at po po's house. When we are at the supermarket and I threaten to leave him there she will pull and push him towards me and then ask me to "take him la ma". Its really cute to see them as Aaron adoringly calls "jie jie".."jie jie".