Friday, January 16, 2009


Breastfeeding is not an easy task especially during the initial stages. At least, during the first two weeks, new mothers will experience sore nipples when babies suckle as hard as possible for milk when there is none. Backaches and sore necks are also common if not seated correctly during breastfeeding. It is a dream of every mum to breast feed at least during the first 6 months.

Well it was my dream before I had my first kid. However, I was really really disappointed as Arielle din want to suckle at all. She was in fact terrified of the breast. Each time I tried she would scream her head off as if the whole world was crashing on her. I was still determined to give her breast milk so I pumped as hard as I could. Lasted for 8 months as I changed job and my new office did not have a convenient place to pump and to store milk. Well was relieved that it was over although I would ideally wanted it to last for a year. Arielle was however really small size, probably because I din have enough milk then. Poor girl.

This time with Aaron, God has blessed me with heaps of milk. Though I could train him to direct breastfeed, I opted to express the milk for him. In that way, other people can help me feed him. I started expressing 6 times a day but now have cut down to 5 and slowly to 4 times. Nowadays, I really cannot wake up in the middle of the night to do my motherly duty. Too tired! Each session currently I can get at least 6-8 oz compared to Arielle’s time when I was expressing only 2-4 oz. I hope to go on until Aaron is one year but I dun thk I can tahan. May train him to direct feed when he is 6 mths or so. Arielle managed when she was 6 mths. I have stock now to last for at least 3 months if I continue to express. Pic of my freezer. I have one more pack at my mum's and one more at my brother-in-law.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Heart of Gold

Jon always tells me that we should help people who needs it whenever we can and not expect anything in return. In that way we would be happy helping people. He also has this philosophy..if people dun like the way you are, then its their loss, so why be upset. I always knew Jon has a very good heart and he is a nice fellow but what he did for my mum really touched me.

Few days ago my mum's TV broke down and so she asked my aunt to give her an old TV. Jon collected and fixed it up for her. He noted that that TV was also not in good condition and felt that it will break down anytime. He told me that he wants to get for her a flat screen TV. I was surprised. Mum previously could not see eye to eye with Jon when we were staying together. That was on Friday last week when he made the suggestion. As of yesterday mum now has a new 37 " flat screen TV given to her by her son-in-law.

Truly Jon has a heart of gold. Eversince marrying this kampung boy of mine, I have been more positive towards life.

Thank you very much dear for your deed.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Start of 2009

Decided to bake a butter cake at 11 p.m. on 31 Dec 2008 as I had bought the ingredients for about a week already and since 1 Jan 2009 was a holiday. Set the cake to bake in the oven about 10 mins before midnight. After watching the fireworks on TV, checked on my cake and noted the grease proof paper hanging out of the cake tin was getting burnt. I then adjusted the position of the tin so that the paper will not brush against the heating element at the back of the oven when it rotates. Made it even worse and the paper caught fire. Panic panic! I was afraid the whole oven would blow so I quickly switched of the mains and started blowing but the small fire still could not be put out. I screamed to John for help. He was upstairs attending to the kids. He came down and started to blow as well..I din want to douse it with water as I din want my cake to go to waste. Thank God, John managed to blow it out. His comment.."people play fireworks, you also want to play!". The fire damaged the paper and the tin slightly but I continued to bake the cake. The result...

But it is quite yummy I must say especially with the burnt parts and the "kah leow" (ashes). Got the recipe fr I think.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not looking forward to

There are two things which I am not looking forward to in 2009 - going back to Marudi for the Chinese New Year, and Arielle going to School.

Going back is so inconvenient, especially I am still feeding Aaron expressed breast milk (EBM). No convenient place to wash my pump and the bottles - there is only one small sink in the house which is in the kitchen. Warming up the milk is a hassle as no constant supply of really hot water - water normally boiled once a day and stored in flask - to warm up the milk. Transporting my frozen EBM back is a challenge bearing in mind it takes about 6 hours to get back including transit time. I think I will source for dry ice and pack it tight. I have to bring back some as I am afraid the milk I pump there and then is insufficient. Furthermore, I hope immigration will not confisicate my stock thinking those small frozen white packs are drugs and are being smuggled. Then I have to plan my pumping times during the journey...Sigh..I'll get a headache each time I think of all these issues. Feel like just staying at home but what to do...married to my kampung boy...

Thinking of sending Arielle to school in June 2009 and really not looking forward to it. Can't bear to see her crying her heart out being left with strangers and cannot bear leaving her at a public place even for half a day. But what to do, she has to go thru it as prt of life and trust God to take care of her all the way.

But 2009 will be a great year otherwise...Aaron will be 1 and he will start talking and walking. I cannot wait! plus many more good things to come. I don't know what but I am sure they will come. :)