Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Heart of Gold

Jon always tells me that we should help people who needs it whenever we can and not expect anything in return. In that way we would be happy helping people. He also has this philosophy..if people dun like the way you are, then its their loss, so why be upset. I always knew Jon has a very good heart and he is a nice fellow but what he did for my mum really touched me.

Few days ago my mum's TV broke down and so she asked my aunt to give her an old TV. Jon collected and fixed it up for her. He noted that that TV was also not in good condition and felt that it will break down anytime. He told me that he wants to get for her a flat screen TV. I was surprised. Mum previously could not see eye to eye with Jon when we were staying together. That was on Friday last week when he made the suggestion. As of yesterday mum now has a new 37 " flat screen TV given to her by her son-in-law.

Truly Jon has a heart of gold. Eversince marrying this kampung boy of mine, I have been more positive towards life.

Thank you very much dear for your deed.


Ann said...

So sweet! Bless his heart!

Wai Yin said...

So sweet of him. Hope your mum one day will proud to tell others that her son-in-law bought the tv.

Dini said... sweet..yes she did...she told my bro's friend that the TV is from her son-in-law as soon as they walked into the house that day

Julie said...

Your mom sure is so blessed to have such a wonderful son-in-law. Indeed John is always a good friend too.