Friday, January 16, 2009


Breastfeeding is not an easy task especially during the initial stages. At least, during the first two weeks, new mothers will experience sore nipples when babies suckle as hard as possible for milk when there is none. Backaches and sore necks are also common if not seated correctly during breastfeeding. It is a dream of every mum to breast feed at least during the first 6 months.

Well it was my dream before I had my first kid. However, I was really really disappointed as Arielle din want to suckle at all. She was in fact terrified of the breast. Each time I tried she would scream her head off as if the whole world was crashing on her. I was still determined to give her breast milk so I pumped as hard as I could. Lasted for 8 months as I changed job and my new office did not have a convenient place to pump and to store milk. Well was relieved that it was over although I would ideally wanted it to last for a year. Arielle was however really small size, probably because I din have enough milk then. Poor girl.

This time with Aaron, God has blessed me with heaps of milk. Though I could train him to direct breastfeed, I opted to express the milk for him. In that way, other people can help me feed him. I started expressing 6 times a day but now have cut down to 5 and slowly to 4 times. Nowadays, I really cannot wake up in the middle of the night to do my motherly duty. Too tired! Each session currently I can get at least 6-8 oz compared to Arielle’s time when I was expressing only 2-4 oz. I hope to go on until Aaron is one year but I dun thk I can tahan. May train him to direct feed when he is 6 mths or so. Arielle managed when she was 6 mths. I have stock now to last for at least 3 months if I continue to express. Pic of my freezer. I have one more pack at my mum's and one more at my brother-in-law.


Julie said...

You are one hardworking mommy.

I didn't have that much of storage coz I was so lazy to express. It's time consuming. Futhermore a month after I started work, I couldn't get much milk by expressing so I decided to stop but continue to direct BF Jonathan.

Poh Nee said...

Fuuuhhh! I feel motivated looking at the amount of breast milk you have stored!
Sure need to consult you if number 2 come...hee hee hee

Dini said...

Thank God for His provision for Aaron! At least through the breast milk, he will be able to obtain all the vitamins and grow stronger after his fever episode.

Yes very time consuming and I am getting quite lazy but I am determined to continue until up to 8 mths (that was when I stopped for Arielle)