Saturday, February 9, 2008

CNY 2008

We had the usual traditional reunion dinner on the eve with MIL cooking long life noodles and several dishes even though some of them will not be touched for the night. As usual greedy me will dig into all the dishes to try. After the dinner, elder bro-in-law (BIL) lighted the traditional fire crackers at the entrance of the house which lasted for a good 5 mins to usher in the New Year.

Long Life noodles

Fireworks to usher in the New Year

Just a bit of side track….Sis-in-law (SIL) (married to Jon jon’s elder brother) did all the mopping and cleaning up. I was feeling rather lethargic this year so did not offer to help. I just helped out in the normal kitchen duties like washing the dishes and cleaning up. I hope SIL did not mind. She just has so much to do every day while taking care of two kids. SIL is really a great help to MIL when Jon jon’s sister left the household after marriage. She helps MIL to wash and hang the clothes, prepare all the meals, wash up, sweep and mop the huge house. At times also helps MIL in the noodle business. She wakes up early in the morning, has an occasional nap in the afternoon and then off to bed with the kids. I would say she is a blessing though people complain that she puts on a sour face all the time. That’s because she has heaps to do.

Anyhow back to the topic…at the stroke of midnight firecrackers went off everywhere…..front back and sides. It’s like bombs being let off. The neighbourhood was covered with smoke. Bomba and police patrolled the place in case of any incidences. I guess since they cannot stop the residences, they just have to make sure that nothing happens. Fire crackers were let off for at least half an hour and thank God Arielle slept through it all.

The next morning, on the first day of CNY, MIL made mee suah and all have to eat together again. After that, firecrackers rolled in red paper were let off again at the entrance of the house. At about 11 a.m. we started our visits to all the relatives. Came back for a rest and then continued till evening. Nothing much on the second day. Just laze around which is not good at all. Really making me lazy.

Surprisingly it has been raining non-stop throughout the whole New Year. Its normally very hot and humid here.

One more night to go and we’ll be back to KL…Yippee…but I guess Jon jon will feel sad. After all he grew up here and everything here is close to his heart even though he has left almost twelve years ago in search for greener pastures. Don’t worry Jon jon we’ll be back next year.


Ann said...

Wah...the long life noodles sure looks good! And you still have fire crackers ah?? I hardly heard any this year round! Good thing though....coz I don't think boyboy would have slept through it as Arielle did!

Dini said...

Ya it tastes good too....:)