Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wedding Anniversary

4 June 2005 - It was the day that the City Girl married the Kampung Boy. 3 years have since passed and we have little Arielle and another addition on the way. God has been good to us showering us with loads of blessings. Of course there have been unhappiness and conflicts in that 3 years but we have managed to overcome them with prayers and support from friends.

Married life is not that easy - so many responsibilities and commitments. It is just tiring to think of what is to be done. But come to think of it I will not give it up for anything in the world. What will my life be without Jon jon and Arielle and the little one?

Happy 3rd Anniversary Jon Jon!


Ann said...


Marraige is indeed not easy but I cannot imagine my life without hubby either.

Than who will change the light bulb and climb around cleaning the fan? hehehe...

Julie said...

Once you are married, your spouse is the next person in line in your heart after God, because both of you gonna live till the end of time.

Happy Anniversary to both of you!

Agree with Ann too...who's gonna catch that slimy lizard away??

Dini said...

ya and who is going to smack the smelly fearful creatures one calls cockroaches! Ha! ha!