Monday, June 2, 2008

Double Fright

Arielle had a double fright yesterday and so did we. She fell off the dining table chair yesterday afternoon while trying to reach for some stuff. I could not reach her in time as there were two chairs in between us. She fell on her back and I heard her head hit the marble floor after she landed on her back. She cried for a good 20 minutes I think more of fright than of pain. I felt really terrible. Recently under my care, she has been getting hurt quite often. I made her walk after that to make sure no bones were broken. Thank God she could still walk straight. After that she slept for four hours staright..she must be exhausted.

Then later in evening at about 9.30 p.m., on our return home, a huge van was blocking our gateway and we could not drive i came down from the car to go into the house. While carrying Arielle, I tripped over some uneven tar, could not balance myself and fell knees first, i saw Arielle going down so i quickly twisted my body to cushion her but she still ended on the road. Hubby came rushing to us and grabbed Arielle. Thank God she was not hurt just got scared..She cried a bit and stopped after 1 min. As for me, I had bruised and scratched knees..had those almost 10 years ago. Hurt all night but doing great was still all ok.

Well at the end of the day, before she slept,she pat her chest and said to me "pah pah" (mandarin for scared). Poor Arielle. Mummy din jaga baik baik.


Julie said...

It must have scared all of you. Glad that both of you are ok. We can't stop accidents from happening no matter how careful we are. So don't blame yourself especially now that you are pregnant and at the same time taking care of Arielle too.

God will watch over us.

Poh Nee said...

ooh..take good care :)

Accidents do happen when we least expect it! Zoe also got scratches on her leg cause she fell at the playground.

Must get the first aid box ready all the time now...

Dini said...

ya..I believe God was protecting us as in Arielle's first fall, she would have been injured quite seriously.

Ann said...

Aiyoh....I was pa-pa!

More scared for you than Arielle!

Kids somehow survive and are made up of harder stuff than we think.

Don't beat yourself up. As it is pregnant already clumsy...what more have to take care of an active kid in tow....TOUGH!

Dini said...

Thanks Ann for your concern...dun ok...challenging times ahead!