Friday, July 11, 2008

Just can't wait!

Tomorrow, at my next Gynae appointment, I will be officially 38 weeks. I have put on heaps of weight (abt 17 kgs) and am bigger compared to my first pregnancy. My estimated due date is 27 July 2008 and I cannot wait. I do not know how my delivery is going to be like but I trust that God will be there with us every step of the way.

I really can't wait for delivery. The skin at my abdomen area is stretching too much already. I can no longer bend without being in pain. So I have just started applying cocoa butter though it may a bit late :) ... I have been feeling sick these few mornings after breakfast maybe because I overeat when my stomach has shrunk. I guess I am afraid I will feel hungry so I tend to stuff myself with food. You see during the first trimester I get so hungry in the mornings I sometimes feel I could just faint. And then the ongoing constipation problem that I have always been facing throughout both pregnancies just zaps all my energy. And above all I cannot wait to get back my taste buds. All the good food now just taste terrible in my mouth.

Of course also I cannot wait for the new addition to the family and to see how the little bundle of joy looks like. I almost cannot remember how to hold a tiny baby already so I hope when the little one comes I would become a natural again like with Arielle.

See you soon!


Julie said...

Hehe...I can't wait to see your baby too.

Ann said...

Happy 38 weeks !!!

Can't wait to see you in hospital with your little boy!

Dini said...

Hee hee thanks guys...I am sure aaron is looking forward to see aunties Julie and Ann