Monday, July 14, 2008

Natural vs C-Sect

When Arielle was born via C-Sect, I was kind of disappointed as I wanted to go through the natural birth process. So this time round I have been praying that my gynae will allow me to go through the natural process as long as the baby is safe. But I will leave it up to the Lord as to which way His will is for me.

Well 2 years ago when I had my first, it has been said that the recovery process for natural birth is faster and within the month, the mum will be back to where she was before the delivery. No side effects being mentioned. Furthermore, the mum can have more & more kids if wanted and no time limit between kids. C-sect is like a major operation where it is expected to take a longer healing process and the mum cannot go through another delivery within the year of the operation. Number of kids will also be limited.

However, recently, I heard views that C-Sect is probably better than natural birth. I have heard that there are serious side-effects after natural birth due to all the pushing required. The internal organs of the mum apparently 'drops' from the original position causing everything to be loose. One of it is the bladder. Apparently, that can no longer be controlled as well as before. Even with a sneeze, the bladder will just release itself. Also, the intense pain experienced by the mum during and after. To quote a lady whom I recently spoke to 'the pain just pierces my heart'. Her first one was C and the second , natural. With C-Sect, so far my organs seem ok..just a scar at my bikini line that itches on and off.

Oh well, whichever way, the pain is inevitable. And whichever route it is, I leave it up to you Lord cos you are forever faithful.


Julie said...

I only been through C-sect but no regret although the journey to recovery is longer and the scar is there.

Having said that, I would love to experience a natural delivery and the child-bearing pain that we have to go through.

Praying for you for a smooth delivery.

Dini said...

Ya Jules...I would like the experience of natural delivery too although I have experienced the contraction pains. Pray this time I will be able to do so.