Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Push & Beat

Arielle's favourite word now is "push". She keeps wanting to push other kids...whether she is at music class or at sunday school. Sometimes the other kid cries sometimes not. She knows its wrong cos she would say "push .....(the other kid's name)" and when I said cannot she would say "after ..... cry , how?" but still does it. Sigh. I had a discussion with Jon re this issue and he said it started after she was pushed by a koko (bigger kid) at Tesco and she fell down. So I guess this is her way of self defence - pushing other kids before they get to her.

She also developed a habit of beating other kids. She probably learned from us cos we would beat her fingers on and off when she is naughty. I spoke to a few parents and they say the same. So, we have stopped smacking her ..improved slightly..last weekend no beating other kids.

I wonder why she does that and hope that she does not grow up to be a bully. Surprisingly at babysitter's place, she neither push nor beat. Well, I hope it is phase which will phase out soon.


Julie said...

I suppose it's a just a phase. I remember those days when I am like her age or a little older, when I notice any kid standing alone, I will purposely beat and pinch them then I ran away. The poor kid will be crying.

Dini said...

Jules...ha ha... i cannot imagine you doing that...you are just too gentle...thanks for the comforting thought.