Monday, November 24, 2008

Quick Updates on Arielle & Aaron

Arielle is turning two this Saturday and growing cheeky by the day. She is learning more and more words trying to imitate when people around her talks. Its such a joy to be with her. Well as what her babysitter said, she is very good in talking but come to "she she"...dunno how to say yet...Sigh!..At least can say "ng ng" la. Saw her sitting on her milk tin and decided to take some pics..good ad for "Enfagrow A+" eh?

Aaron is 3 and the half months and is growing stronger by the day. He is starting to turn and very curious re his surroundings. He has started to sleep longer hours at night...Thank God that he has been in good health since he was discharged. His V shape birthmark on his forehead is his trademark.


Ann said...

Long time haven't seen you and Aaron already!

Maybe at out next SG yeah?

Julie said...

Not doing anything for Arielle this time? She's a lovely girl.

Can really see the resemblance of John's face in the 2nd pic.

Dini said...

Ann..yalor..I have been keeping him indoors after that fever episode. Scary...Thank God he is ok now.

Jules..planning to get bb sitter to celebrate on the friday with the kids there and then on Sat..with the family. Not doing anything big though. Tired la..

SnappyStamper said...

I just happened upon your blog & wanted you to know that my name is Arielle & my brother's name is Aaron... what a coincidence! We're in our 30's and live in Alabama!