Saturday, September 27, 2008

Between last post and Now

Time flies and I'll be back to work on Monday...

Between my last post and now...

1) We had a full moon party for Aaron at our house on 30th August 2008. Although many people whom we invited could not make it because of the long weekend, many did turn up and both Jon and I was overwhelmed with trying to talk to many as possible especially old and good friends which we have not seen for ages. The food which we catered was however a bit disappointing. The portions were not as expected and the quality was not as good as what I have tried. Feedbacks given were not so was rather sad. Not many photos were taken cos we were too busy. WY as usual being helpful did help us to take some photos.

2) The following weekend on Sunday, 7th Sept 2008, we had Aaron's baby dedication at church conducted by Pastor Swee Tsung and thereafter celebrated his full moon with church members during refreshment time with red eggs and ang kuh kuih. During that time, Gracia, Kok Ming & Yit Sean's daughter also had her one-year old birthday celebration. The cake which they oredered from Cake Sense was really yummy.

3) On 10th Sept 2008 evening, Jon felt that Aaron's body was really warm and his body posture was weird. I didn't think any of it but when I measured his temperature using my all reliable crystallised thermometer, his temp fluctuated between 37.5 and 38.5 degrees C. I was worried and did some sponging on his forehead and put him to sleep with the Kool Fever Pad. He was groaning and groaning most of the night but I thought he was just hungry, so I asked him to go and sleep but he could not. At 4 a.m. when he cried, I tried to give him milk but his whole body stiffened and his eye balls just rolled to the middle. I somehow knew he was having some sort of fits. I quickly woke Jon up and rushed to the SJMC Emergency Room. We took Arielle with us. The Dr on duty said that it was unlikely for a baby below 3 mths old to hv such a high fever and said we have to admit him. They called Aaron's paed and took some bllod from him for blood tests. All sorts of tests were carried out and finally he was diagnosed with having Meningitis. Dr said that he probably caught the flu virus from someone. my mum was right..never expose the little one to so many people. For Arielle, we were staying with my parents, so she was protected most of the time. Jon & I was really worried. First 4 days his temperature fluctuated between 38.5 and 39.5 degrees C. We had many visitors and calls and prayers. Thank you very much to all. His fever came down after that but had to stay on till Sunday , 21st Sept 2008 for the anti biotic treatment. I stayed with him the whole week while Jon took care of Arielle. Thank God for his strength and healing.

4) On the morning of 20th Sept 2008, my babysitter who had earlier agreed to take care of Arielle sent me a text message and said she could no longer babysit my kids. I called her and she explained that her health is not so good nowadays and has decided to reduce the no. of children under her care. Further more, Aaron is not well and she cannot give full attention to him. She has another baby abt Aaron's age under her care also who is not so well. So she said that I shld find someone that can tk cr of both my kids so that the siblings are together. She said she will help me look for one and I agreed. I was really depressed as she is a good lady and committed to the kids. I discussed the matter with Jon and he asked me to negotiate for her to con't to tk cr of Arielle as she will not get used to another, and we will find Aaron another. So in the end, my mom offered to tk cr of Aaron and Arielle will go back to her babysitter. Thank God for my mum who is so ever willing to lend a helping hand when it comes to her granchildren.

I don't think I am emotionally ready to go back to work - still tired and recovering from the past month of emotional events. But I have to toughen myself and start getting myself into a routine again.

Thank you to all my caring cell group members and friends who have helped the Gohs in one way or another esp WY who has done much more beyond my imagination.


Julie said...

I heard about Aaron from Kimmy. Glad that he is fine now. Yeah, my mom used to nag at me for bringing Jonathan out too often when he was less than 2 months old. I got commented by a stranger before when I brought Jonathan out at 5 weeks old.

I can understand you emotionally cause that was how I felt when Jonathan started vomiting all his milk without knowing what is the cause until the doctor finally diagnosed him with pyloric stenosis then had to go thru surgery.

So blessed of your mom to extend her hand to take care of Arielle.

Praying that God will continue to watch upon all of you.

Dini said...

Thank You Jules. Not easy having kids that are not well. Its worrying. Jonathan going thru surgery must be extremely worrying at such a young age.

Ann said... sorry to hear about your babysitter issue.

Really thank God for your mum!!!

Dini said...

Yes Ann...even though she is real naggy, thank God for her though am still upset that I can't send Aaron to bbsitter. I really like her and she really knows how to take care of the kids.