Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sleepless nights

Eversince my cofinement lady (aunty) left, Aaron has not been sleeping well at night. Last 3 nights have been the same routine for him. He falls asleep in his cot and just when I am about to sleep, he cries for milk. I breast feed him directly but seems like its not enough for him. He then continues to cry or be agitated until about 3 to 4 a.m.. It may be the wind in his tummy during that period of time as after the 3 a.m. feed, he will poo poo, burp and then sleep. Maybe he misses aunty as at the time when aunty went home, he had already stop poo pooing at night, now he is back to it again - at least twice a night. Well am going to try a different method this time. Will feed him breast milk via the bottle so I know how much he drinks, so he cannot claim that he is still hungry, then see how. Also, I must remember to feed him wind drops.

Well, nowadays I really fear when bed time comes. Dunno what to expect. Pray that Aaron's sleeping patterns will stabilise soon.


Ann said...

Oh....will keep you in prayer!

Try to get some sleep during the day as well then. Leave the house chores and other stuff to hubby or outsource them!

Dini said...

Thanks wound is hurting again..I can see some swelling...maybe i used to much of the muscles again. Would appreciate your prayers.

Julie said...

Same as Jonathan. He will wake up and cry when he wants to burp. So after every feed, I have to make sure he burps before I put him down. Yeah, the wind drops may help.

Later on, I also realized that he just can't stop sucking? So that was where I introduced him pacifier.