Sunday, December 14, 2008

Berjaya University College of Hospitality

That's where I have been working since 1 August 2007. Berjaya University College of Hospitality (Berjaya UC) will open its doors to a new intake on 7 Jan 2009. It is the only University College speacialising in Hospitality, Culinary and Tourism. The team has been and will be busy this month as it is the recruitment period and we hope to recruit 200 students by January 2009. That explains why I am working today. My staff worked yesterday, so today is my turn. I miss my kids when I work weekends.

Anyway, back to Berjaya UC. The UC is located on the 11th and 14th flr of Berjaya Times Square. The 11th flr houses the corporate office, classrooms, auditorium, and computer labs while the culinary kitchens and the training restaurant is located on the 14th flr. The facilities offered is really state of the art and my boss will not settle for anything less. My boss, a trained chef, with 20 yrs of experience (10 yrs KDU & 10 yrs Sunway), is a very detailed person and knows what she wants to bring Berjaya UC to great heights. Log on to to find out more about us.

Campus Lobby

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