Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas with Living Fountain

This blog is overdue, so i thought I'd better complete it before the year ends...

This year Living Fountain had an early Christmas Celebration on Sunday, 14 Dec 2008, at simon & wy’s place as it was the only date that everyone could make. We had a good time of fun & fellowship as some of us have not met up for some time. Getting the kids together and listening to them talking, screaming, laughing, crying, fighting etc. was just music to my ears. The food was good (oops forgot to take a pic) especially the satay, one of my fav food, which I have not eaten for ages.

One thing I found out is that Arielle has a fear of balloons. I knew she was afraid but I did not know that it was that bad. That night she was crying and screaming whenever she saw a balloon even though it was a distance away from her. She probably developed it when one balloon burst right in front of her when we were decorating the house for her first birthday party last year. Wah…difficult la to attend kids’ parties in the future. I searched the net and found that such a phobia is called globophobia. Even an adult can have that. I hope this is a phase and that it will go off as she grows.

Some pics of the kids, our next generation….
Christopher with his finger lickin' good milo bar

Cynthia with mummy Mei Yan

Isaac with Daddy Sin Loong

The Yoong girls doing their special performance

Zoe doing her masak masak

Arielle & Zoe , trying to be part of the che ches performance

Aaron trying to snooze in the midst of all that

Let’s have another!! Yam Sem (Yum Seng) as Arielle put it.


Poh Nee said...

OK! Auntie Poh Nee Yam Seng with you Arielle!

Happy New Year 2009!

Ann said... nice! And the Milo bar was a 2 washing up, mummy chasing around with wep wipes, 2 clothings nightmare!

Dini said...

Ha ha happy new year to you both!