Monday, February 16, 2009


Each year there would be something strange to eat when we are back at Marudi. Last year we had barbequed wild boar on arrival. It was tough but quite yummy with chilli of course. Arielle had frog porridge. My MIL put it in her porridge so that she can move fast. She sure can…she runs not walk!

This year on arrival we had turtle soup for dinner and a few days later had wild bats cooked with ginger and black sauce. Yucks eh? Jon’s brother hunts and shot a couple of wild bats. Tasted like mutton but the thought of eating the furry creatures just irks me so I did not touch the dish much. Here is a pic of the bat dish..din take the turtle one..


Julie said... call this delicacies? I won't dare to try. But it sure looks delicious, I mean the soup, not the bat.

So your MIL catch the frog (paddy frog I suppose) herself?

Dini said...

Hee hee....I should put "delicacies" eh? Yes, the gravy was yummy but the thought of bat juice in there just puts me off.

No la...the frog was purchased I think..or did Jon's bro catch them..cannot remember..