Thursday, February 19, 2009


Jon’s mum is one very tough entrepreneur and that’s probably where Jon inherited his entrepreneurial instincts. She runs her own noodle business, rears chooks and vegetables for sale as well as for own consumption. Here are some pics of her produce. Her kampong chooks are really tasty though the meat can be quite tough.


Some kind of melon for soup

yummy chooks

Long Beans

French Beans


Ann said...

hope the plants survived the flood!

It is nice that your kids can be exposed a bit to kampung life....though perhaps when they are older, it would be easier for them to enjoy without you worrying.

Dini said...

the buns din survive cos it was on lower grown..

ya its gd exposure for them...yes when older...the kids there run around barefooted but I won't allow arielle to do so..dunno what she will pick up fr the grd...

Dini said...

beans i mean