Monday, July 26, 2010

26 weeks

26 weeks and still counting down. Time seems to go by so slowly..I just want to get the delivery over and done with. I guess I am just fearful of the experience, especially the pain. I have a low pain tolerance you see. I also cannot wait to see my babe. Am filled with so much joy with my current two and I pray for wellness for the upcoming one. Though the first year will be filled with lots of ups and downs, I hope that as a family and with God's strength and faithfulness, we will be able to cope well.

Arielle will be 4 towards the year end and Aaron will turn 2 at the end of this week. Arielle is getting mature by the day but Aaron is getting more mischevious. With another "A" coming, I really wonder how life will be like? Well I'll cross the bridge when I reach it. In the meantime don't think about it and take one step at the time.


Ann said...

A friend of mine mentioned in Facebook today...."Take is one day at a time. Let Jesus be blessed."

Speaks volumes to me today.

26 weeks alredy, so fast. 2 thirds of the way done. So B or G?

Julie said...

Congrats. Didn't know that you are expecting #3. Will pray for a smooth journey and healthy baby.