Friday, July 30, 2010

You are 2!

How time flies, Aaron is 2 today. What a journey he has been through with meningitis at 6 weeks, hands, foot and mouth at 6 months, bronchitis at 9 months and fever on and off, here and there. Now at 2, he is growing to be a tall "young man" though getting increasingly stubborn with a mind of his own. And all this while Thank God that He has led Aaron through every step. Aaron is God's blessing to us and he brings joy to the Gohs and Wees every hour of the day. His che che adores him though at time he infuriates her. Oh to give him some form of toilet training of which I have been guilty of not doing yet....

Aaron, May God continue to bless you with wisdom, strength and stature. May good people always come your way and May you be a blessing to others always. and in whatever you do May you have God in mind. Amen.


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Julie said...

And now you feel so blessed for all these that happened. Kimmy always reminded me with this statement, "The kids are in the safe hands of God."

You are not late. I started toilet train Jonathan after 2.