Thursday, November 29, 2007

Arrival of a Precious Gift

Today is Arielle’s actual birthday. She was born one year ago via C-Sect at about 2 something in the afternoon. She was supposed to be born the day before but I could not dilate even with induction. So in hope that I will give birth naturally, I asked my gynae if he could delay one day. He had already booked the operating theatre at 4 p.m. that evening and seeing my cervix relaxed a bit he allowed my request with an awry smile. However, Arielle’s heartbeat had to be monitored the whole night as the water level was already low, so he was a bit concerned. The next day, 29 November 2006, at about 6 a.m., I was put on drip again. Felt contractions but dilated only 1 cm. Gynae came on his rounds and broke my water bag at about 10.30 a.m.. Wah…from then onwards the contractions came like the tsunami…fast and furious! I had to grab on to Jon Jon so hard and had to start banging the side of the bed at each contraction. The look on Jon Jon’s face seeing me go through such pain was unforgettable…so pitiful. At about noon, the nurse checked (I really detest those checks) and I was disappointingly only dilating 1.5 cm. I really could not tahan anymore, so I told Jon Jon to call gynae. He came rushing in and on checking found that Arielle had already poo pooed in the womb. So C- Sect was unavoidable. Gorgeous Arielle came into the world that afternoon.

Ever since Arielle’s arrival, there have been many tears of joy and sadness. But the joy of having her just outweighs the sadness and Jon Jon and I just thank God for this precious gift of life. With Him nothing is impossible.

In one year, Arielle has 6 teeth and 2 on the way. She can stand on her own and walks with aid. She crawls faster than any others and can climb stairs really quickly. She will definitely be a jungle trekker. Happy la Jon Jon!

Arielle, Papa & Mama wish you a blessed Birthday and may your life be as enriching as ours right now with you in our lives.


Dinoboy said...

Happy Birthday Arielle, Daddy and Mummy loves you.

Your uncle Handsome Yong and Skinny James send thier Birthday wish to you too Arielle.

Poh Nee said...

Auntie Ponytail, Uncle Mike and Zoe loves you too :)

Now I know your Mama got a blog already....wooohoooo!!!

Welcome Dini thou this is a bit late...pardon my ignorance yea :p

Ann said...

It was a great bday celebration for the big girl!

hehe...I also didn't know you had a blog. Will visit often!

Dini said...

Hey guys...just started only...actually din tell anyone cos shy shy ma...just trying to make some extra bucks on ads but I am really having difficulty registering for it. Sigh...

Anyway guys thank you all for being supportive of Arielle.