Monday, November 26, 2007

You’re one, Arielle!

Time just flies and Arielle is gonna be 1 on 29 Nov 2007. In line with the general thought that it is better to celebrate a birthday earlier rather than later, jon jon and I decided to hold a small high tea party for baby yesterday, 25 Nov 2007. It was also an opportunity for our close friends to visit our new place.

Invited about 30 people but only about 20 turned up…with 6 babies and 2 angels. It was such a cool sight seeing all the babies together. There was Baby Jonathan, Christopher, Timothy, Cynthia, Zoe & Isaac. 2 of Arielle’s friends could not make it…Baby Choe Den and baby Ashley. Imagine if all were to come there’ll be 9 babies altogether under one roof including Arielle.

Arielle was in ok mood throughout the day although she slept very little. There were a few incidences about her that I thought was pretty cute. First, was her reaction towards balloons when jon jon blew them up. She reversed backwards and refused to touch them. Second, when baby Christopher was lying on the mattress, she crawled up to him and held his hand. I was afraid she was going to pull it out since he is still fragile at abt 2.5 months. When I pulled away her hand, she did it again. I think she likes babies. And the third was, when I was holding baby Jonathan, I think she got envious. She crawled towards me, started tugging at my legs and whining away.

Arielle’s birthday cake was baked by WY. The marble cheese cake was really yummy. Luckily I still have some in the fridge as I only had one piece yesterday.

There were heaps of food…I think we fried too much nuggets and fries and I over ordered the nasi lemak. Thank goodness some of my friends helped by packing some back else jon jon and I will be eating the same food for the whole week and it’ll be cold food. Have no equipment to heat up the food as yet. Thanks to WY for helping to prepare coleslaw and sandwiches. To my ex-staff who so kindly make the agar agar for me when I just asked her for the recipe.

We had a good time and hope everyone had a good time too. Happy Birthday Arielle and God Bless you always!

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Anonymous said...

Ya, it's a great party. Arielle really enjoy it too. She is so excited and only fall asleep when all the guest left. Arielle, mummy and daddy wish Happy Birthday.