Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fragility of Life

Yesterday, my boss reminded us that life is indeed fragile. The spouses of two of her acquaintances passed away suddenly over the weekend, one due to a fall leading to a brain haemorrage while the other had some illness. Over the weekend I also received news that my ex-boss from the club which I used to work had also suddenly passed away at the beginning of the month due to a brain haemorrage. He had a heart by-pass before, so I thought it was because of a heart attack but his wife informed that he had an aneurysm of the main blood vessel of the brain and had a bad headache before he collapsed while at the club. He was about 55. It was shocking news to me as we still remained good friends after I left the club though we do not meet often. I messaged him to convey deepavali and birthday wishes just this month but instead got a reply from his wife. She is still in shock and so am I.

Many of us don’t realize how fragile life is. Although we are made superior beings, there are uncontrollable forces that are greater than us – forces of nature & forces against our body systems – both are equally fearful.

Remember the tsunami in December 2003 that took thousands of life across several continents, the 1970 and the recent cyclone-hit Bangladesh, bush fires, flooding and the list continues. These events are fearful and I cannot imagine if any of these hit Malaysia in its full fury.

Then there are the silent killers – viruses & bacteria in the air that attacks and paralyses our immune system, the undetected malfunctioning of our body system and freak accidents. The angkasawan’s brother, 32, passed away recently due to a freak accident where no one actually knows what happened.

Though we cannot do much about the forces of nature, we can try to beat the silent killers. Stay healthy and be careful in whatever you do.

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