Friday, November 16, 2007

Moving Finally!

We are finally going to move into our new place this weekend after months of climbing 5 storeys everyday before we reach home. Not forgetting with baby Arielle who is getting heavier by the day. Thank God she has been pretty small else we would have really big arms by now. A few months ago, we decided that staying in a house is much better so we went house shopping and wa lah ended up with this almost ten year old house which I must say has pretty good layout and pretty good price. The house was handed over to us in Sept and we have been working on it till now.

We did some minor reno at the back. My hubby’s uncle who is a contractor was imported fr his hometown of Marudi to carry out the works. Cost much less than if we were to appoint a contractor here. That lasted for 2.5 weeks. Thereafter with the help of my brother-in-law and his girlfriend, we did the painting and other repair and maintenance works required. Done only during the weekends (that’s why it has taken months to complete).

I must say setting up a house is no easy task. So many things to do yet so little time. So many vendors to call for various works required and decisions to be made as to which is the best. Water filter la, mosquito nettings la, alarm system la etc. etc.

Few weeks ago, our worse fears came true….leaking roofs! One right smack in the front of our entrance and the other in the back room downstairs. Our hearts just sank. Thank God the one in the front was just a temporary one…hubby climbed the roof and found that water was flowing through the Astro wire which was leading into the roof tiles. After that was removed, the problem went away altogether. Yippee!!!. Then the back room…for a couple of weeks we thought the water was coming from the water tank area when it rains heavily as the leak was realized during one of the rainy days. But on monitoring during rainy days, the area was still damped but not much water seems to be flowing down the side wall. However recently when I washed the back bathroom upstairs with lots of water being poured , lo behold water was just we concluded that it’s a waterproofing problem. Well, after many years of dealing with leakage problems at my parents’ place, I was actually really stressed so I just decided to pray about it. On the same day, found an ad in the Star about waterproofing without hacking of tiles. It’s a technology from US. A representative came for inspection and told us that it was due to cracked tiles but guess what? He gave a quote of RM1k for waterproofing only. We still have to get other contractor to hack and replace the broken tiles first…sigh…Though that vendor did not work out,I still thank God for letting us know the problem. That has not be settled..but move in first la …J…anyone one know a good contractor that can do waterproofing at a low price?? I already have two quotes - one below RM1,000 and the other about RM1,200.


Wai Yin said...

it's my turn to say "Welcome! Welcome!" Hee Hee!

Dini said...

Thank you Thank you.....:)