Monday, November 19, 2007

The Big Move!

Woke up at 5.15 a.m. early Saturday morning and finished off some packing. Baby was still asleep so can do more stuff. Bb sitter offered to take care of baby until 2 p.m.. Thank you Belinda…you are such a darling. Well, packing is no problem but moving from a 5th floor walk-up –apartment is a problem. How to encounter the gruelling task of walking up each time you bring stuff down. Well it’s the mind thing…concentrate and you’ll make it. It’s the same technique that I employ when I go trekking with dino d jungle and friends. Otherwise if you just rely on physical strength, you may not make it or you’ll make it with much difficulty. Anyway it’s better than moving into a 5th floor walk-up apartment.

That day itself hubby and myself walked up and down at least twenty times each. It was like we were training for our trek up Mt Kinabalu. Thank God that we were moving into a house as unloading was so much easier and took half the time. By mid-day, our new place looked like it has been hit by a tornado. Picked baby at about 2 p.m…went back and started unpacking some stuff. Baby was confined with me in the master bedroom as the rest of the house was dusty. Being “lau hai siew” (itchy hands) she was thrilled with so many stuff on the floor to touch. As usual she went for those sticker items like price tags and sticky tapes. She likes to investigate small spots on the floor too. Really cute, my darling Arielle.

We had a wedding dinner that night..was really exhausted but had to go as we RSVP-ed. But as usual I made us late. Imagine the bride had to call us twice, the second time just to inform us that the dinner will start first. So embarrassing! The food was good though. Maybe because we have not had a decent meal all day.

Snoozed at 3 a.m.


Wai Yin said...

Welcome to BP...

Dini said...

I like it ..its a good place, thanks for helping us look around...and providing your valuable opinion on the houses we viewed.