Friday, November 30, 2007

Women don’t mean what they said

That was this morning’s topic of “He says She says” on Mix FM. Every morning on the way to work I will tune in to the Mix FM morning breakfast show with Ika, Serena C and Pietro. At 8.30 a.m. they will normally announce the topic for the morning where men and women are encouraged to call in to say if they agree or disagree.

The first caller was a guy and he totally agreed, complaining that women will say one thing but mean another, for example when a guy goes shopping with a girl, and wants to buy something for her, she will say “its ok, I don’t need it” but the next day her friend would say “ahyah she really wanted it, why you din buy for her??”. Pietro cracked up laughing while Ika & Serena C just gave their usual remarks showing their disagreement.

The next caller was a woman. She agreed to the statement but she gave a valid reason for it. That we women are considerate. Ha ha ha…way to go woman! For example, she wanted to go shopping after dinner one day but when she told her husband about her plans, he just gave her a blank look. So that night after dinner, when her husband asked if she wants to go shopping, being considerate she just said “its ok, we go home”. Pietro just could not take it and said his mind is going to blow. Here is a woman giving a good excuse for something which women are supposed to be doing wrong…cool man.

Well, my view – I totally agree with the statement. On one hand, yes we are just considerate towards our men, on the other hand, we want to test if our men is considerate enough to think of us. So even though we say “no need”, they should just do or get it cos even though we say “no need”, we mean “yes please”…So guys take note…J


Ann said...

haha....hubby was VERY confused as well coz of this issue!

In the end, I told him...if I hesitate in my answer that means I want it. If I outright say "no", then I truly mean it! (Pre-marriage counselling tells us that we have to TELL men what we want...yet we still hope they will know us enough to know what we really want!)

But I think hubby is getting the hang of it now! hahaha....

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I also always wonder why the women want to test the man. Sometimes the man is very tired at home, yet they are tested. I hope the women can be more direct to ask for what they want rather than hint for what they want. This will make the world more peaceful.